Bleak, grey, and barren. Perfect.

One of the things that influences me so strongly when I actually leave the house to watch a movie in the theater is the experience of being at the theatre itself. And I don’t just mean the chatting, popcorn chewing, unclean masses with whom you are forced to share oxygen, either.

I mean the actual physical experience. What it looks like when you are driving there, thinking about the movie you are about to watch. What it feels like when you are inside the room, when you are inside your chair.

And especially what it feels like when you leave.

In fact, one of the most disastrous parts of going to see a movie in the theatre (which I generally loathe, if you haven’t guessed) is the way the mood is utterly shattered when you exit the place, when you walk though neon-lit exit doors that are hung with wide, metallic panic bars and festooned with the ghosts of chewing gum past.

And then you walk outside, into a vast modern parking lot, filled with SUVs and bored teenagers.

Since most of what I watch, when I am actually lured out of my hermit cave to watch a movie in the theater, involves men in cravats and ladies in tight corsets, I find this experience to be extremely jarring.

Which is why I love the Cape Cinema so very much. And why it was the perfect place to watch Jane Eyre.

The north side of Dennis on Cape Cod in late winter/early spring is just so barren, so bleak, so grey and lifeless…

It really does it for me.

This is what it looked like, today, April 8, on the grounds of the Cape Cinema in Dennis, where I have now watched Jane Eyre four times in the space of one week.

It might help you to understand my particular brand of madness to know that this is practically my favorite series of landscape photographs I have ever taken, and that this is pretty much my ideal kind of landscape.

All that’s lacking is the moors.

Cinema Museum Restaurant



Lamp Post

Cape Cinema Front


Lowering Sun


6 Thoughts.

  1. oh, perfection! how dreadful it would have been to come outside into a bright sunshiny cape cod spring day.

    i’m going tomorrow afternoon. pray for clouds!

  2. I haven’t been there in years, though I grew up right down the street, on Shore Drive. Last time I was there was for probably for the midnight “Rocky Horror Picture Show” screenings many years ago. What a show that used to be. And I’m not talking about the movie. 😉

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful. What a fantastic experience it must be seeing a great movie there. Are the seats velvet covered and creaky? Are the floors made of hardwood? And WOW, that tree!

  4. I’ll have to do another post sometime on the inside of this place. It’s AMAZING. The seats are really wide, red upholstered, low-backed affairs, each with its own white canvas antimacassar. Unbelievable. And you’re not going to believe the MURAL on the CEILING either. It’s insane. Glorious.

  5. You’ve convinced me. That is where I’m going
    To see it-if I have to tie myself up and drag me
    away from my current, persistent cyber agony.
    The Jane Eyre photo and the one of the roof
    with sun are beautiful-black and white….and

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