List posts are the last refuge of a scoundrel

Things that are mostly true about me

  • I stay up most nights until about 3 or 4 in the morning, reading the internet until my eyes ache
  • Only then do I start reading whatever book I am in the middle of
  • Which makes me kind of a crazy night owl I guess
  • I am currently in the middle of reading a biography of Grant (one my many dead-guy-boyfriends), a Georgette Heyer I’ve already read four times, and the book that the movie Young Victoria was based on
  • When I was 14 I was in love with Harrison Ford
  • But I wrote my first and only fan letter ever to Michael J. Fox
  • I still think Han Solo and Indiana Jones are sexy as hell
  • And I am not wrong about that
  • I spent about 20 minutes tonight looking at strangers on Facebook (click on People You May Know and scroll down until you get past any People You Actually Know) and started getting very sentimental about how happy and likable and just dear all those people looked
  • I get the same way about Antiques Roadshow
  • Just like Kevin Bacon
  • I have actually been only mildly interested in the Royal Wedding until I flipped through this slideshow and got all weepy when I saw the happy-couple-laughing shots toward the end
  • Say what you want about the monarchy, I want them to be happy
  • I cry during the wedding scene at the end of The Muppets Take Manhattan
  • Every time
  • I might have built my first tumblr a week or so ago and kept it a big secret until now
  • I wrote about 15,000 words over the weekend in a wild orgy of productivity
  • The less I talk about my writing on this blog, the better you can assume things are going on that score
  • To get a true sense of how well things are going on that score, you should pretend that I didn’t write those last two bullets
  • But you can not, in fact, unring a bell
  • I have now watched the first seasons of both shows, and I find that I like Downton Abbey infinitely better than I like the new Upstairs Downstairs
  • I suspect that this makes me a very shallow person
  • I am okay with that
  • I have discovered Pandora over the last few months, and Pandora now seriously has my number
  • This apparently involves a nonstop stream of Death Cab For Cutie and The Decemberists
  • And maybe just a soupcon of Bright Eyes
  • I know
  • I am apparently a shoe-gazing hipster
  • From about ten years ago
  • What are ya gonna do
  • I spent some time today wondering why Bermuda Bags have not yet made a widespread comeback
  • No, seriously, those were a really big deal when I was an early teenager
  • I might possibly have a skewed sense of the cultural importance of Bermuda Bags because I am from Cape Cod
  • Yeah, that’s gotta be true
  • I think I need to sneak away to New York City and see this play without further delay
  • That means I probably will
  • I am pretty undisciplined like that
  • I am going to turn 40 in a few months
  • And this is starting to feel like more of a big deal than it did just a few months ago
  • On the other hand, my life at almost 40 is almost unbelievably great
  • So I’ve got that going for me
  • Which is nice

12 Thoughts.

  1. Am I going to see you in Salt Lake or what? I heard a nasty, nasty rumor that you and my dear Melissa are not attending. And what about Fairfax? I miss Fairfax! *sigh*

    You will be very dearly missed!

  2. I love Han Solo and Indiana Jones. I think Han was my first celeb/movie character crush.

    We have already discussed that particular Georgette Heyer–love!

    I am hoping for a similar burst of productivity this weekend. We shall see.

  3. Arcadia (Tom Stoppard) on Broadway looks amazing. Wish I could come too. I just about jumped out of my seat when I saw the photos and recognized Tom Riley who played Wickham from Lost in Austen. Oh, my god is he ever cute. And a bit wicked I think.

  4. 1) Which Heyer should I read first?
    2) It’s totally fine to like Downton better the U-D. It may be less serious, but it was better done with more interesting characters for the most part. But South Riding is going to be awesome!

  5. @Violet – You are sadly correct, Melissa and Fairfax and I are taking a miss this time around. We will miss you most of all, I think. At least, I know Fairfax will be heartbroken.

    @Nancy – Han Solo = awesome

    @Susan – I just couldn’t keep it under my skirts one minute longer. The Cravats Will Out

    @Jenny – I had the same reaction when I saw Tom Riley. And in Regency dress! And it’s about things like the history of mathematics, and landscape design, and ideas, and genius, and Byron! OtotheMG

    @Sarah – The Convenient Marriage is not a bad first read at all. One of the funnier heroes, and a typically quirky heroine. You might also try Frederica, though, who might be my favorite heroine of hers. Also, re: South Riding – BRING IT ON

    @Larissa – DCFC is pretty much the soundtrack to my life these days. It’s pretty awesome.

  6. Oh, Mr. Wonderful. I do love it when you stop by.

    (Yeah, that’s a real person, not spam. But he’s shy, so I won’t out him. But it is *awfully* nice of him to comment on my blog like that…)

    <3 <3 <3

  7. Speaking of people you don’t know –why are we not best friends? Just found you through your Sloane/Handel/buttered muffin piece. Any place else I should subscribe to you?

  8. Hi hi hi! Well, there’s here, and there’s (my tumblr of hot men in cravats), and Wonders & Marvels, where I write once a month. Right now that’s about it, but I’ve got a few more surprises up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

    And hi! :)

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