Harry Potter Harry Potter

I made a little video for a colleague of mine who is getting married this weekend, and I’m not gonna lie. It makes me giggle. So much so that I figured, what the hell, I’ll share it here, too.

The fact that I actually got my whole team at work to go along with the idea makes me pretty freaking happy, too. I love my job. And I really love my co-workers.

Please join me in wishing many years of happiness and love to Diana and Bryan, who are gearing up to have a truly magical wedding this Saturday.

And yes, both Diana and I are pretty hardcore Harry Potter fans. Why do you ask?

PS – Just to geek you out a little bit further… if you’re on Pottermore, you should totally friend me up. I’m StormEye197.

There. It’s official. I am a 14-year-old girl.

Go ahead. Try to act surprised.


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