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Just writeSo I was sitting in my local coffeeshop today, scrolling through the Facebook and the Tumblr and trying to arse myself to write the next chapter in This Thing I’m Writing.

I dislike the acronym “WIP” for work in progress, don’t you? I prefer to speak of my writing in terms mysterious and vague, so as to put innocent passersby in the least possible amount of danger.

La Cosa Mia. This Thing Of Mine.

So yeah, anyway, there I sit in my spot, my usual spot because I am a creature of habit if nothing else, and I’ve been too lazy so far this afternoon to stick my earbuds in my ears, so I can hear the conversations all around me.

And this guy, this guy sitting next to me, this guy is telling a story about how he was trying to write something that was really hard for him, something deeply personal and awkward and vital to his future happiness, it was so important that he got this bit of writing down.

And I’m listening to him tell this story, kind of pretending I can’t hear him (as one does) while at the same time hanging on his every word, and he suddenly gets really loud, is half standing up from his chair, is literally pounding the table with his fist, because he has gotten to the part in his story where he realized that writing isn’t hard, ¬†even the sitting down and getting started isn’t hard, it’s the discipline of doing it every single day without fail, no matter what, no matter what, no matter what. That is what is hard. But that is the only way he can see his way clear to getting the damn thing done.

And he is chanting now, slapping his palm onto the table with every word.

Just write, just write, just write, just write, just write.

And I am sitting frozen in my chair because he is clearly speaking to me.

Is it nuts that I think this? Here’s the answer: No.

And even though I have this blog that I write in every weekend as a sort of point of honor, as a personal essay assignment to myself, the fact remains that this is the thing that is ostensibly standing in the way of my writing more at this particular moment, and I realize that I need to get it done and get it over so that I can work on This Thing Of Mine.

And that I need to close the Facebook, close the Tumblr, and complete my assignment on the blog in a sprightly manner, because apparently, according to Coffeeshop Guy, I need to Just Write. Right now.

I do try to heed the oracles when they speak to one so clearly. Seems only prudent.


Having fulfilled my duty here (hi, everybody!) I’m going to go write for a while now.

On that other thing.

Thanks for not minding too much.

By the way, ever wonder why I always write on this blog, at least once a week without fail? And have done for almost ten years?

It’s because of what Ira’s talking about in this video.

Lots of you have probably seen this already, but possibly some of you have not. I put it to you that you will enjoy watching it now, no matter which is the case for you.

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