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Wonders & MarvelsDid I mention that I write a monthly column over at the Very Impressive History Blog Wonders and Marvels?

No? Well, I’m mentioning it now.

And coincidentally enough, my latest post just went up this morning!

Wild, huh? Wild.

Anyway, this month’s post is called Muffin Man, and it’s all about the founding of the British Museum, and how it all came about just because George Handel didn’t have a place to put his hot, buttery muffin.

And no, that’s not a euphemism.


For the life of me, I cannot stop thinking about that damn buttered muffin.

What kind of muffin was it? Was it more extravagantly buttered than most? Exactly what sort of baked good was called a muffin back in the 18th century, anyway?

Was Handel some sort of countrified rube, who thought rare books made excellent substitutes for plates and saucers, or was he trying to make some kind of point? What book was it? Did he hate the author?

Was it this near catastrophe that convinced Sloane that his collection needed the protection of the British Crown, once he himself was no longer around to protect his books from the menace of butter-laden muffins, crumpets, and scones?

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You should also check out Wonders and Marvels because it’s got a whole slew of other contributors besides me, all of whom are far more impressive than I am and have real, honest-to-god historian credentials and everything. I keep wondering when they’ll notice I’m there and, like, call the Historian Police on me or something.

I mean, honestly, we just won some ridiculously prestigious Best History Blog Award and everything! My days as a fancypants contributor have got to be numbered now.

So check it out now! Before it’s too late!


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