Bronte-AlongSo my dear fiend Melissa and I are co-hosting Bronte-Along this spring (2010), in which we invite you to join us in enjoying, discovering, and/or swooning over three of the better-known works of the sisters Bronte.

We begin with Jane Eyre, of course. Jane Eyre was one of my favorite books when I was a teenager, and watching the 2006 BBC version only rekindled the flame, as it were. I watched that version obsessively for weeks — months even — until finally turning my attention to other things.

This winter, I have been introducing Melissa to all of my favorite period adaptations, most of them from the BBC/PBS oeuvre, and she was most gratifyingly taken by the same fever for Jane Eyre that has held me in its grip all these years. I have most happily jumped right back into my obsession where I left off.

Accordingly, we are hoping to widen the circle of fun.

How do I join in?

1.  Add the Bronte-Along button to  your sidebar and link the button to this page. (copy and paste, baby!  or go to the flickr page for the image and grab which size suits your needs.)

2. Create a post about how you intend to participate. (see below for what that might entail) This post should be specific to the book we are working with at the time.

3. Go to the link that corresponds to that book and enter the link to YOUR post into the widget you see at the end of the post.  That will become the list of participants for each book.

Jane Eyre

(Links to lists for Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall will follow once we move on to those books.)

What will we do?

We’ll watch the films, read the original classics, maybe indulge in a little fan-fic.

We’ll blog about it, maybe paint the characters or do some crafting related to the stories. I have been so inspired to paint the characters and research the dress of the times etc, that you might be similarly swept up. If so, I would love to see your work!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do all of that. Any or all of it is just fine with us.

What if I don’t blog?

Fret not, dear one. There are plenty of ways for non-bloggers to participate. The simplest way is to  join in with the reading and watching! You can comment on the blog posts, join the facebook group, add your photos or artwork to the flickr pool or converse on twitter.

Who knows, you may just be inspired to start a blog once you see how much fun we are having!

Bronte-Along links:

Bronte-Along on Facebook

Bronte-Along Flickr Pool

Bronte-Along on Twitter

And of course, YES, there will be an Austen-along. Stay tuned for THAT. We are only getting started!

4 Thoughts.

  1. Hello! I read about the Bronte Along on the Bronte Blog on Blogger and have decided to join! It sounds like great fun!

    I’ve joined the group on Facebook and Flickr and added the button to my little blog!


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  3. My girlfriend loves Jane Eyre and is always telling me I should read it. While trying to remain as impartial as possible – is it a good idea for a guy to read it?

  4. Hi Sam –

    Jane Eyre is absolutely a good idea for a guy to read — but you might want to start just by watching a film version first. I STRONGLY recommend you get your hands on a copy of the 2006 version starring Toby Stephens. It’s the best version of recent years. I loved the recent version with Michael Fassbender, but it’s not the best way to get introduced to the story for the first time — there’s too much shorthand in it. Get the 2006 version, settle down with your girlfriend, and watch it straight through.

    You will thank me for it. Trust me.


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