handsome man of my acquaintance:  I saw your husband the other day.  In the store.

me:  Oh really? 

even more handsome man of my acquaintance, walking past:  Oh man, you’re married?  Shit.  No, really.  Goddammit.

me:   **grin**

amuse bouche

It was another case of the Friday night crazies tonight, only this time it had a happy ending because this year I apparently have FRIENDS I can CALL and say LET’S PLAY and they say OKAY.

Which is all one ever really wanted, isn’t it?

So I got my car back last night and drove it to work this morning and let me tell you that new clutch is smooth as silk.  Or at least I am pretending it is so I can justify spening almost a grand on it. 

After work I wanted nothing more than to go joyriding and so that is what I did.   I got into my car and I drove until I hit the ocean, and then I turned around and drove until I had found a different part of the ocean and then  I did it again.

Then I refueled at the coffee shop and forced a perfectly nice couple to come out to dinner with me even though they had already eaten a whole pizza each and I had already eaten a very large cookie.

It was around this time that I saw a person driving past me wearing a full bunny suit. He was this tall guy all crammed into a little toyota camry or something, with the bunny hood pulled over his head and these huge ears flopping over his shoulders.

I secretly hope that he was NOT a magician or clown or something on the way to a gig, but rather just a person who feels that bunny suits are simply quite comfortable really and quite likely everyone would wear them if they only knew just how cozy a good pair of ears can be on a chilly day.

And then because I seem to love to bring myself into contact with People Whom I Have Worked For and Been a Bad Employee To, I brought my friends to one of my favorite restaurants, the restaurant owned and operated by a simply outstanding chef for whom I worked several years ago when I was still drinking and let’s just say that I was a very angry person back then.

She was very nice to me this evening for the few minutes that we socialized at the hostess stand and I tried hard to send her psychic airwaves that said I AM SORRY I WAS AN ASSHOLE I AM NOT QUITE SO MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE ANYMORE but I don’t think she heard me and I think she wished I would go away.


I am really not such an asshole anymore.  I am so sorry about that whole asshole episode I put you all through back there.

But I have no time right now for wallowing in the always satisfying and personally fulfilling Swamp of Profound Regret, much as I always enjoy myself there, for it is the weekend now.  It is the weekend in a manner in which it has not been the weekend in quite some time, meaning I neither have to (a) work, (b) do three mountains of laundry, or (c) nurse myself out of a stomach flu.

It is simply and only the weekend, and so I will knit and play and eat and nap.  And look for daffodil buds on the south side of the house.  And set the clocks forward.  And maybe go for a walk along the river.  And then nap some more.  And continue my streak of non-assholish behavior.  Let’s hope.