amuse bouche

It was another case of the Friday night crazies tonight, only this time it had a happy ending because this year I apparently have FRIENDS I can CALL and say LET’S PLAY and they say OKAY.

Which is all one ever really wanted, isn’t it?

So I got my car back last night and drove it to work this morning and let me tell you that new clutch is smooth as silk.  Or at least I am pretending it is so I can justify spening almost a grand on it. 

After work I wanted nothing more than to go joyriding and so that is what I did.   I got into my car and I drove until I hit the ocean, and then I turned around and drove until I had found a different part of the ocean and then  I did it again.

Then I refueled at the coffee shop and forced a perfectly nice couple to come out to dinner with me even though they had already eaten a whole pizza each and I had already eaten a very large cookie.

It was around this time that I saw a person driving past me wearing a full bunny suit. He was this tall guy all crammed into a little toyota camry or something, with the bunny hood pulled over his head and these huge ears flopping over his shoulders.

I secretly hope that he was NOT a magician or clown or something on the way to a gig, but rather just a person who feels that bunny suits are simply quite comfortable really and quite likely everyone would wear them if they only knew just how cozy a good pair of ears can be on a chilly day.

And then because I seem to love to bring myself into contact with People Whom I Have Worked For and Been a Bad Employee To, I brought my friends to one of my favorite restaurants, the restaurant owned and operated by a simply outstanding chef for whom I worked several years ago when I was still drinking and let’s just say that I was a very angry person back then.

She was very nice to me this evening for the few minutes that we socialized at the hostess stand and I tried hard to send her psychic airwaves that said I AM SORRY I WAS AN ASSHOLE I AM NOT QUITE SO MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE ANYMORE but I don’t think she heard me and I think she wished I would go away.


I am really not such an asshole anymore.  I am so sorry about that whole asshole episode I put you all through back there.

But I have no time right now for wallowing in the always satisfying and personally fulfilling Swamp of Profound Regret, much as I always enjoy myself there, for it is the weekend now.  It is the weekend in a manner in which it has not been the weekend in quite some time, meaning I neither have to (a) work, (b) do three mountains of laundry, or (c) nurse myself out of a stomach flu.

It is simply and only the weekend, and so I will knit and play and eat and nap.  And look for daffodil buds on the south side of the house.  And set the clocks forward.  And maybe go for a walk along the river.  And then nap some more.  And continue my streak of non-assholish behavior.  Let’s hope.

yes i said yes i will yes

holy cats what a day

the restaurant burned down this morning only it didn’t burn all the way down only i didn’t know that right away i thought it was a phone call telling me that replacing the clutch in my car was going to cost even more than it already was going to and maybe that is true but no the phone call was about the fire

and then i saw on the internet that it was only in the ladies room but then it turns out anyway they will be closed for a week at least at least maybe longer maybe longer and oh my god that’s like half our income but whatever i can’t worry about that now because

i have this huge thing at work that is stressing me out and it has to go well and it probably will but what if it doesn’t and it’s all my fault or at least it will seem that way and will feel that way AND I HATE THAT FEELING so i’ll spend a few hours pacing and straightening things and rewriting my speech and rehearsing it in front of the bathroom mirror because YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT

maybe another cup of coffee oh SHIT maybe my breath smells like old coffee so let’s also eat some altoids ok a few more and OH THANK GOD someone bought m&ms that will work for lunch so let’s practice our speech a few more times and straighten all the pens and straighten all the pens


just straighten straighten

practice practice